Space Samurai – U.S. Space Force in Outer Space

U.S. Space Force

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – U.S. Space Force

U.S. Military in Outer Space…

Think about it. 

It’s surreal… right? 

Not when you see Space Force and NASA and a whole host of private ventures funding millions into the “Who will own it first?” race. Product Placement has been landing at our feet…

For the Angelic Pictures Directorial Team, it has been VERY SURREAL communicating regularly with U.S. Space Force as our country’s military branch specializing in Outer Space. When Universal first initiated the green-light for SPACE SAMURAI, we didn’t think our Hollywood movie project would become so relevant so fast! 

When we tasked a page-1 rewrite of the script for SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS for our female lead, it seemed as if U.S. Space Force emerged as news… just for us. 

Regarding Space Force, conversations continue as recent as yesterday… 

Things often march at a distinct pace for the U.S. Military, so Angelic takes great pains to observe proper protocol and rules of rank. Space Force is very particular about how it handles each inquiry related to a Hollywood production—especially a Hollywood studio trilogy franchise.

We are whooshing ahead to our destination… with more communications already scheduled for next week. 

Feel free to contact me directly with any specific questions. The Directorial Team’s pre-production calendar is packed, but as always I’ll make myself available…

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