Space Samurai – Angelic Success

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Angelic Success

Do you set yourself up for success?

This may seem like a strange question, but at Angelic Pictures and its sister companies (Angelic Effects, Angelic Distribution, and Angelic Studios) we only work with the best.

This means amateur creatives don’t get a seat at our table. Everyone who sits at our table must bring something of value—and value often requires being a risk-taker. 

The brave, the courageous, the strong dig deep… and grow what they have as a result. 

Angelic understands this. As a studio movie helmer-led production company—one of only 150 in the entire world—it’s how Angelic was able to become the second DGA signatory production company to ever deliver 2 movies to a Hollywood studio in a single year (BEACH BAR and MUSIC HIGH, second only to Spielberg) and to become the first helmer to do it twice (FEARLESS and LA MIGRA) just two years later.

Success at Angelic happens because we have learned to mitigate risk and to forge ahead with a warrior mindset to win at the “impossible.” 

This is what the Angelic Team has been doing with its Hollywood warrior sci-fi trilogy, SPACE SAMURAI… and Angelic has 7 more Hollywood warrior projects on its production slate designed to quickly follow this march-step.

SPACE SAMURAI is the culmination of a new beginning… but more on that later.

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