Welcome to Angelic Pictures

Angelic Pictures, Inc. is a full service Motion Picture Production Company based in Southern California, USA.

Angelic Picture’s staff is made up of highly trained professionals with decades of experience in the movie making industry. We welcome partnerships with producers on funded projects.

Angelic Pictures does not accept external submission. We are a production company and work exclusively with producers on viable or funded projects. Any submissions received will be disposed of without being opened or looked at.

Our History

Angelic Pictures, Inc. was founded in 1997 to assist in the creation of two major studio feature film projects, a Steven Seagal and a Jean-Claude Van Damme action movie. Those projects were completed on time and within budget. After a few years, used primarily only as a development and production company for industrial, educational and music videos, Angelic Pictures was contracted by MOA Production, Inc. to create the romantic comedy, The Month of August. The movie was delivered on time and under budget.

The Month of August went on to endear thousands of viewers at film festivals around the United States. It received over 18 awards including best comedy, best screenplay and best feature.

In 2003 Angelic Pictures changed it’s focus to work only on funded feature film or viable ventures. Angelic produced the comedies Hole in One (2008) and Beach Bar (2010) and is currently working on a slate of comedy and higher budget science fiction features.

Our Vision

Angelic Pictures seeks to produce quality feature films that balance creativity with business efficency. Angelic is in the movie business. The realities of financing, marketing and investor return are our top priorities.

Distributors, producers and investors are Angelic Pictures clients and partners. Angelic works side by side with our partners to create a marketable product.