Space Samurai — Union Deal…!

Space Samurai — Union Deal…!

Angelic was notified by the Directors Guild of America (“DGA”):

The National Executive Directors board voted unanimously to recommend that members vote YES to accept the new Agreements. In short, we have a new contract until July 2026!

A few [edited] Key Highlights of the Agreement include:

  • Wages and Benefits: Won the highest general wage gains in more than 35 years including a 5% increase in the first year of the contract, 4% in the second year and 3.5% in the third year.
  • Global Streaming Residuals: Achieved significant increases … The result is a 76% increase in foreign residuals … for a one-hour episode will now be roughly $90,000 for the first three exhibition years.
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence: Secured agreement that the customary and contractual duties assigned to DGA-represented employees must be … covered by the agreement, and that GAI does not constitute a person.
  • Feature Directors: For the first time, we gained compensation for the months of “soft prep” Feature Directors currently perform “for free” prior to the start of the Director’s official prep period.
  • Episodic Directors: For Pay TV: Episodic Directors won expanded paid post-production creative rights … Together, these improvements will result in a 28% increase in the guaranteed minimum compensation for … Directors working on one-hour series … from $50,764 to $64,960 over … the Agreement.

This was achieved between the 19,000 DGA Union membership and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (“AMPTP”).

Thank you for your continued patient as we adjust the credits on IMDb, adding and removing individuals can often takes days…

Questions about our SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy? I’m always available.

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