Space Samurai – Music Survey

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Music Survey

Wow!! So many of you look to groove to Angelic’s Movie Biz tune!

The Production Team received a rush of replies to our question… SCORE vs. SONGS?

Thanks to all of you for the cosmic flurry, rocketing input and sending samples. 

NOW… We’re putting it to a vote!

Keep in mind that we consider viability first, then content/creative—as SPACE SAMURAI is not a Film for the Film Industry, but a Movie for Movie Biz… a Hollywood Studio Movie Trilogy and Franchise. 

On all fronts, spinning multiple plates, Angelic maximizes ROI for our investors—while mitigating and alleviating risk. 

If you haven’t seen the synopsis or Digital Promo Pre-Vis Teaser for SPACE SAMURAI, click below:

Space Samurai: Oasis – Synopsis

Space Samurai: Oasis – Promo Featurette

Also, as a DGA Union Movie Director & Studio Movie Helmer, with 20 produced movie credits—and some of them musicals—here’s a hint of how I work:

— I never licensed pre-created cues and scores.

— I like to sit with the composer and have creative crafted directly to my locked project.

— I like songs that push emotion. 

— I like musical scores that further the feel of what’s on screen.

Okay… now for the vote.

As the Production Team continues to consider music for the SPACE SAMURAI Title Track / Soundtrack… CHOOSE ONE:

A) Soundtrack with Heavy Musical Score – with some songs 

B) Soundtrack with Plenty of Songs – with minimal score

C) Soundtrack with Musical Score only

D) Soundtrack with Songs only

We’ll tally the votes. Stay tuned for the winner!

Questions about the SPACE SAMURAI soundtrack? Or anything else about the trilogy franchise? Reach out. As always, Production Team contacts and I will make ourselves available…

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