Space Samurai — Music Soundtrack

Space Samurai — Music Soundtrack

Angelic has committed to a 15 track Space Samurai Movie Soundtrack Album, that will be released soon… Now we’re just a few songs away from identifying and securing the rest of them, don’t miss-out.

We will included all 15 songs in the Space Samurai Movie Score… We are also seriously considering allowing a few of the Singer—Songwriters to perform their individual tracks on screen in the Space Samurai Movie—which actually increases their BMI royalty payments.

We will deliver our Title Track early — just as the James Bond Title Track: “No Time To Die” — was released February 2020 – while the Movie wasn’t release until September 2021:

James Bond Soundtrack hit Number 1, No Time To Die claims the biggest opening week for a Bond theme ever, 90,000 chart-sales in just 7 days, and a follow-through of 10.6 million streams-sales to stay at the top (that’s over 10X Platinum).

No Time to Die – 109M Views:

The Soundtrack “album” is just one of 13 revenue streams from a Movie Biz venture, and shared with the investor pool as are all 13 revenue streams.

Nest Updates: Product Placement and our Scouting Trip to Lompoc next to the Vandenberg Space Force Base.

Questions about our SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy? We are available.

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