Space Samurai – “Making Of” / “Behind-the-Scenes”

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – “Making Of” / “Behind-the-Scenes”

Angelic is excited to announce that it has begun interviewing potential directors for SPACE SAMURAI’s “Making Of”/ “Behind-the-Scenes” documentary! 

Our interview pool includes directors of Award-winning shorts and documentaries.

“Making Of / “Behind-the-Scenes” is basically a mini-production within the larger Hollywood studio trilogy production. Here are clips from our last “Making Of” / “Behind-the-Scenes”:

We’re looking for capable leaders with proven teams, who can maneuver for shots without getting in the way—as they will be on set every day of the SPACE SAMURAI production…

— Capturing footage

— Interviewing Actors

— Catching Crew comments

— Scripting, Shooting, & Editing it all to be the “Inside Story” within our sci-fi action story

This is a great opportunity for “film” directors to receive a significant IMDbPro credit to expand their profile.

We currently seek a confident and competent director with a capable team that would accept the placement of our very valuable SPACE SAMURAI Production interns, to whom we’re giving the opportunity to learn how a Hollywood studio production works on the inside… from start to finish. 

We just had a space open up in our Intern Pool, so Angelic also is accepting recommendations from qualified individuals in the Movie Biz to fill this slot.

Questions about SPACE SAMURAI’s “Making Of” and “Behind-the-Scenes”? Or anything else about the Hollywood Trilogy Franchise? Reach Out. As always, your designated Production Team contact and I will make ourselves available…

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