January 2023

Space Samurai — Eyes Forward

Space Samurai — Eyes Forward Angelic NEWS: Eyes Wide Open as we move Forward:  We as excited to announce our decision to implement an “Eyes Wide Open” strategy, as we continue to Move Forward. To our spinning plates, we now add the tasks of interviewing different applicants for: Archival Research Consultant – to provide Stock Footage …

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Space Samurai — Guardians

Space Samurai — Guardians It’s Official — Angelic is Excited to release the NEWS:  Our “A-List” Male Lead may now be cast as a Guardian. We are proud to announce the decision has finally been reached — Space Samurai will include Characters as Guardians of the US Space Force. Many things are developing very quickly …

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Space Samurai — Update on Spinning Plates

Space Samurai — Update on Spinning Plates Angelic is Excited to update the progress on just a few of the “Spinning Plates!” https://spacesamuraimovie.com/uncategorized/space-samurai-spinning-plates-in-space “A-List” Male Lead: We are about to publicly announce the name.And even as we prepare to disclose that NEWS, the Production Team is quickly signing hot new talent for certain key Supporting roles …

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