July 2022

Space Samurai – Web Updates

 Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Web Updates SPACE SAMURAI now shines online! Navigate your way through the SPACE SAMURAI trilogy adventure! Get your space legs by checking out Angelic’s full list of SPACE SAMURAI updates… Our 13-revenue-stream Hollywood studio movie franchise started as a small moon of an idea—an embryonic space egg that kept …

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Space Samurai – Comic Book

 Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Comic Book SPACE SAMURAI finds “Friend” for Prequel! Angelic Pictures is pleased to announce that DC Comic Book Artist, Richard Friend, has been commissioned to illustrate the SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS comic book!  He will work with our writers to unveil the exciting futuristic world of the SPACE SAMURAI franchise. …

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Space Samurai – Business News

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – News SPACE FORCE: Angelic’s Directorial Unit recently issued a radical proposal to the United States Space Force. The Production Team currently waits to hear back from one of our key Space Force contacts. Still waiting, but no news seems to be good news… MALE A-LIST ACTORS: Much progress! We have reached out to …

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