Space Samurai – Auditions

Space Samurai: Oasis Update – Auditions

Seeking the best talent in the Universe!

Angelic’s Directorial Unit has identified a short list of well-known A-list actors for the male lead in the SPACE SAMURAI trilogy franchise—and we have begun the process of communicating with their agency and management reps.

Special thanks to Sherrie Henderson, our Casting Director for SPACE SAMURAI: OASIS and movies #2 and #3 of the trilogy franchise! Owner of Dream Big Casting and with over 195 titles, Sherrie has worked with Angelic on all of its movies as a vibrant partner in helping to secure quality talent. We are thrilled she is offering her expertise once again…

Sherrie Henderson: 

After attaching the male A-List face for Space Force…we’ll close on Product Placement Partners.

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