Space Samurai — And The Winner Is…

Space Samurai — And The Winner Is…

Angelic Pictures projects an Academy Nomination for our Space Samurai Trilogy!

This past Sunday, March 12th, 2023:

Did you watch the 95th Academy Awards? 

Did you visualize yourself there, walking the Carpet? 

Did you dream of our Space Samurai project being nominated?

With 16 Categories available — we anticipate at least one Nomination:

16. Best Original Song:

15. Best Original Score:

14. Best Visual Effects:

13. Best Sound:

12. Best Makeup / Hairstyling:

11. Best Editing:

10. Best Costume Design-Wardrobe:

  9. Best Cinematography:

  8. Best Production Design:

  7. Best Original Screenplay:

  6. Best Supporting Actress:

  5. Best Supporting Actor:

  4. Best Actress:

  3. Best Actor:


  2. Best Director:

  1. Best Picture:

*As a member of the Directors Guild of America (“DGA”), each year I am honored to review hundreds of feature-length motion-picture projects and nominate candidates for the Best Director category. Then, after nominations are closed, and tallied — I cast my Vote for the Best Director, and the Best Picture.

When our project is nominated in just one category, everyone involved with our project Wins!  

When our project Wins just one Award, all us of Wins! 

So please keep the Support and Encouragement flowing.

Questions about our SPACE SAMURAI Trilogy? I’m always available.

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