Our Projects

Angelic Pictures, Inc. works exclusively with funded motion picture, television and video projects. We work exclusively with producing partners to bring quality and accountability to the production process. Our attention to detail and budgetary priorities has enabled us to make award winning films on time and under budget.


Space Samurai: Oasis (2014)

Global Destruction: Some Assembly Required

On the International Space Station, Oasis, one man searches for a weapon of mass destruction hidden aboard this modern wonder of the world. His actions will decide the fate of humanity in the face of global enslavement. No one on the station, or back on Earth, believes him. Now, in a race against the clock, he must prove his own sanity and save civilization.

Much in the style of Alfred Hitchcock’s award winning “Life Boat” and Stanley Kramer’s acclaimed classic “On The Beach”, Oasis is a character driven drama about a diverse collection of people scraping to survive in impossible circumstances. The film seeks to explore much of modern psyche in the microcosm of the beleaguered space station. There is no intended message, merely a stark look at ourselves. Despite its science fiction setting, Oasis is a tight, claustrophobic drama, with limited special effects. The sets are small and designed to emphasize the discomfort and anxiety of the crew. There are no aliens, ray guns or miracle cures.


La Migra (2013)

One holds the line the other must cross.

Love, family and personal integrity are tested in a backdrop of turmoil and criminal violence. A childhood crush rekindles as two friends reunite in an American border town. As romance begins to blossom the two discover they stand on opposite sides of the law. As they strive to untangle the web of crime, manipulation and greed that holds them a choice must be made. A choice that may doom their romance and destroy both their lives.



Fearless (2012)

Fearless is a style and attitude comedy motion picture by Angelic Pictures of San Diego, California. This film is currently in production. Please contact us regarding casting and product placement for Actors, Actresses and products wanting to participate in this funny young adult antics film.



Music High (2012)

A music program is broken and the students unruly, Jazz the teacher must fix both. To tame the savage beasts, he taps their mutual interests in music to pull the students together to salvage their senior class pride.


Beach Bar (2012)

Mark’s life was running perfect. He had money, friends and skyrocketing fame from his viral video sensation. On the eve of his promotional tour, everything starts to come apart when he becomes the custodian of his rebellious street-wise teen-sister. He can’t go on tour, an angry gangster promoter is on his heals and now his home away from home, the local beach bar, is going to be sold to greedy developers. With the help of a cast of hysterical characters from the beach community, Mark fights to hold on to the frayed ends of his life and give himself a real purpose in life. Can he save the bar, his career and his family?



Hole In One (2010)

One Slice Changes the Game

Plot: Eric, a highly-gifted golfer but radically-undisciplined college-undergrad finds his world drastically altered after losing a bet to a sadistic plastic surgeon. Eric’s bad-boy attitude lifestyle comes to a screeching halt as he loses his money, his girlfriends and his dignity. Taking a long shot Eric fights to rebuild his life and become the man he should have been all along.

Hole In One is an antics based young adult comedy focusing on the wild lifestyle of college students and the sylish hip emerging golf scene. The film contains all the hallmarks of sophmoric comedy that is expected from movie going audiences with a new edge that will have people talking for years. Hole In One is a Univerisal Picutres International release.
Genre: Comedy


The Month of August (2009)

She is everything he never wanted in a girl

A single-minded man focused on finding the girl of his dreams — the perfect vision he’s created in his mind’s eye. True love is right around the corner as long as he doesn’t lose sight of what he’s looking for. Nick is about to discover that true love can be found in the strangest of places… and in the strangest of girls.